Dr Cathy Tingle

Since 2019 I’ve been running copyediting courses with Publishing Scotland. This started as in-person teaching but migrated, in 2020, to online training on Zoom.

I offer four courses with Publishing Scotland:

  • Introduction to Copyediting
  • Further Copyediting
  • Becoming an Academic Editor
  • Editing for Better Communications

I’m also happy to work with students on a one-to-one or group basis, tailoring training to suit their needs. Bespoke group training can be arranged through Joan Lyle at Publishing Scotland. If you need individual training, coaching or mentoring, please contact me directly.

All attendees receive a comprehensive delegate pack with the course's learning points and further resources for study. They're also sent my training e-newsletter, packed with updates and the latest learning resources exclusively for DocEditor delegates.

Introduction to Copyediting

Four 1.5-hour sessions on Zoom

Next running: 30 August, 1, 6, 8 September, 10am to 11.30am

Based on materials by Margaret Aherne, this is an introduction to the principles of copyediting and covers:

  • copyediting within the publishing process
  • structure
  • style
  • author queries
  • checking facts
  • illustrations, tables and figures
  • language, grammar and vocabulary
  • working like a copyeditor.

There are exercises to complete during the sessions and for homework. I provide a comprehensive delegate pack which includes a resource list to take you further in your learning, and I encourage delegates to stay in touch if they need further advice or information on copyediting.

What delegates say:

‘I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am extremely new to copyediting and after going through the course, I have a good grasp of the main points to look out for to maintain consistency and also common errors that I should be picking up.’

‘I thought Cathy was a great teacher and that her feedback on homework exercises was very helpful and encouraging. The course exceeded my expectations in terms of the amount of ground covered and was really good value for money.’

‘The content was informative and interesting! It tied into a lot of the work that I'm doing at the moment, so I found it incredibly helpful. I'm also really grateful for the pack that was sent to us after the final session. It will be so useful going forward.’

Further Copyediting

Two 2-hour sessions on Zoom

Next running: 13 and 16 June 2022, 10am to 12 noon

This course has more of a workshop feel than Introduction to Copyediting, which focuses more on instruction. You’d be encouraged to take Introduction to Copyediting, or a course of an equivalent level, before embarking on it. Delegates send in a sample of their work in advance so that I can assess it in terms of the copyediting tasks it might need and offer advice on building individual checklists. Here is an outline of the two sessions:


  • reviewing and discussing our own work and tasks
  • discussing the many checks we have to undertake as copyeditors – how to do them, how to keep tabs on them
  • using an exercise by Margaret Aherne to recognise common copyediting errors and to start creating our own task checklist
  • starting a more complex exercise by Margaret Aherne (to be finished for homework) that will allow us to continue building our task checklist


  • discussing why you might change an author's text
  • practising changing an author's text for various reasons including elimination of repetition, ensuring inclusivity and conforming to legal requirements
What delegates say:

‘I found the course content very useful and interesting. It directly helped me with a substantial piece of editing work I had last week. It went into the complex issues with editing that you discover once you are “knee deep” in the work, so to speak!’

‘It definitely pointed out many things I had been missing or had not thought to query. I feel more confident now in my ability to do a thorough job.’

‘Cathy was so friendly and helpful – she encouraged discussion, and made things personalised to our current roles, so it would definitely be useful for the participants.’

Becoming an Academic Editor

Two 2-hour sessions on Zoom

Next running: 12 and 15 December 2022, 10am to 12 noon

This new course is aimed at people who are moving into academic editing, particularly from an academic research background. Writing your own research paper, thesis or book is very different from editing other people’s, and this course aims to help you make the transition from academic to editor.

Discussion includes:

  • differences between academic research and academic editing
  • how copyediting works: principles and processes
  • essential style points to establish
  • anatomy of a journal article, thesis and book
  • managing citations and references
  • how to get the best out of authors
  • academic language and phrasing, and when and how to rephrase
  • common problems in academic text and how to fix them
  • tips for working like an editor
  • resources for academic editors

At the end of the course you will be provided with a comprehensive delegate pack and a list of useful resources.

Editing for Better Communications​

Two 2-hour sessions on Zoom

Next running: 7 and 9 June 2022, 10am to 12 noon

Whereas Introduction to Copyediting looks at copyediting within the traditional publishing process, this course covers copyediting within businesses and other organisations that publish various types of content from booklets to newsletters to web pages. It covers:

  • what copyediting is, and what this means for non-traditional publishers
  • stakeholders
  • structure
  • style
  • content, including fact-checking, inclusive language, legal issues and plain English
  • punctuation
  • tips for working with a number of authors
  • language and formatting issues to look out for when editing colleagues’ work (or your own)
  • working like a copyeditor.

I give delegates the opportunity to send in a sample of their work so that I can provide advice and tips for improvement. I produce a comprehensive delegate pack which includes a resource list, and I encourage delegates to stay in touch if they need further advice or information on copyediting.

What delegates say:

‘It was all great. Seeing practice examples, receiving personal feedback on work (so useful) and the handbook (including where to find further information, blogs etc.) will all help me going forward.’

‘It was extremely useful and interesting. The theory and the practical examples are perfectly balanced. I was hoping the course would help me refresh some of my knowledge/skills and add to them. It did.’

‘I always enjoy Cathy’s workshops. She’s an excellent teacher, very approachable and good humoured. She creates a comfortable environment which is important for encouraging contribution.’

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