Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Who we are

DocEditor is part of Tingle Communications, a sole-trading company belonging to Dr Cathy Tingle. Work that Cathy Tingle and Gill Gray-North undertake may be billed through Tingle Communications. Any work undertaken by our writer, editor and designer colleagues will have their own terms and conditions and their own fee structures and bills. These colleagues will not use the same processes as DocEditor (e.g. initial health checks). DocEditor currently receives no income from any of the colleagues whose names are on the Wider Practice pages – these practitioners are simply there to enable us to meet the needs of our customers.

Business writing and editing

We have the right to refuse work if we feel we can’t undertake it by your deadline to an excellent standard. In this case we will recommend colleagues who can do the work for you.

We will bill businesses after the completion of a project. Payment terms are within 30 days after the date of a bill.

Academic editing

If you’re a student or academic, you must ensure that consulting an editor is allowed by the institution at which you are studying. We will not check this for you.

We can’t guarantee that our work will enable your document to pass an examination or assessment.

We have the right to refuse any work if we feel we can’t undertake it by your deadline. If we can’t take on your work, we will recommend colleagues who can.

We work in Word, with Tracked Changes, and will only receive documents in a Word format. We don’t work with hard copies of documents. We will make amendments and comments using Tracked Changes. It’s then up to you to accept or reject these changes and to delete any notes that we have posted, after you have addressed them.

We are an editing service, not a fact-checking one. We will not rewrite academic documents, or parts of academic documents, for you. We might raise queries if parts of arguments seem improbable, but this is not part of our service so it won’t be done as a matter of course, and anything we question will be up to you to check.

We can check if references that appear in your text also appear in your bibliography. We can format your references and your bibliography. We cannot check the accuracy of quotes or of page numbers.

Any work for students and academics must be paid for in advance. We will email you an invoice which can be paid immediately through telephone or internet banking. Our health check will enable us to assess the volume of further work required and provide an accurate quotation. In the event of our discovery of any extra work requirements, we will check that you’re happy for us to undertake this and take extra payment before embarking on the work.

In order to minimise costs for you, we ask that the document that you send us has received all the work you can give it before we start the editing/surgery stage. If we receive drafts that still require work from you this means that we may have to add an extra stage of editing and quote an extra fee for this work.