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In which the DocEditor examines some public cases of grammar and language (mis)use, and (if she might be so bold) suggests how it could have been done better. If you have any interesting cases to share, send along an email about it or take a snap and send it to
Friday 5 Jun 2015 11:20
When our first child was at weaning stage, my husband and I used to laugh at the text on her box of organic baby porridge. (Six or seven months into parenthood, we were obviously taking our hilarity where we could find it, but bear with me.) “ Read more
Wednesday 5 Nov 2014 15:15
After my day’s work is done, and only if I don’t have any document emergencies to attend to, I like nothing more than relaxing in front of an episode of MasterChef − celebrity, professional or regular, I don’t mind which. But Read more