I provide the following services: 


Copyediting, the stage before typesetting, ensures that your text is consistent, clear and correct. Your document is likely to be in Word or another format that’s easily edited, so changes will be fairly simple to make. There are likely to be two stages: a first pass, where I ask questions about your style and meaning, and execute the main edit, tracking changes for you to review, and a clean-up stage, where I implement the answers I get from you and tidy everything up.


Hard-copy mark-up is a lot of fun, but these days you’re more likely to present a proofreader like me with a pdf. Either format, or any other, is fine. Trust me to tease out those final problems before you introduce your text to the world.


I can deliver workshops to groups of up to 12 people on behalf of Publishing Scotland or independently. If you want to discover how to edit your business writing or get some tips about how to polish your thesis, why not invite me to deliver a session over a day or a half day that’s tailored to your training needs?

Copywriting for business clients

Annual reports, leaflets, information sheets, blogs: I’ll happily tackle any of these for you.