DocEditor provides copy-editing services to non-fiction publishers, academic staff and students, to ensure that manuscripts are consistent, clear and correct.

In practical terms, this means that we will check your manuscript in the following ways.


  • That the spelling and referencing styles are the same throughout
  • That citations match your references
  • That you don’t contradict in one section what you say in another


  • That readers can easily understand your language
  • That readers can easily understand your general meaning
  • That your formatting helps your message – for example, if you need a bulleted list we’ll suggest one


  • That your grammar and punctuation are right
  • That proper names (and all other words) are correctly spelt
  • That web addresses work

We will also run your manuscript through a macro right at the end of the process to pick up any lingering inconsistencies.

All this should get your work in the bloom of health, ready for the proof stage.


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