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DocEditor offers a wide range of therapies for documents of all kinds. From our initial health check to minor and major (and even emergency) surgery, we’ll do all we can to make your writing better.

In a full treatment the DocEditor will triple-check your academic document. Here are the three steps that will ensure the best chance of a clean bill of health.

1: The first check is for general health, and it's completely free. Send us through 1000 words and we'll advise you on:

  • house style issues and questions; 
  • ailments in punctuation and grammar; 
  • referencing aches and pains; and
  • any more alarming symptoms that your document is displaying.

We’ll let you know how much more work is needed to make your document better and how much it will cost, and issue you with some suggested remedies. These might include reminders about punctuation rules, advice on how to improve your writing style or pointers on how to get your referencing right. At this point, if you like, you can take your document away and medicate it yourself. 

2: Next, if you give us permission, we can undertake minor surgery on your document:

  • sort out its grammatical or punctuation issues; 
  • check for typos, stylistic inconsistencies and other mistakes;
  • check that all the references in the main text appear in your reference/bibliography section; 
  • rewrite any sentences that simply don’t make sense.

This light copy-edit and proofread costs £8.50/1000 words. If your health check shows more alarming symptoms and needs a heavier edit, we'll advise you of this. Our cost for a more involved copy-edit and proofread is £10/1000 words.

3: We then send your document back to you for convalescence at home. It’s now up to you to check what we’ve done and accept the tracked changes if you agree with them (reject them if you don’t), address any questions we’ve posed (and delete our notes when you’re done) and generally spruce it up to a standard where you’re almost ready to submit it. At that point, if you like, we’ll undertake a final check-up for you.

A final check-up costs £3/1000 words. Note that we can’t offer this stage as a stand-alone. 

You’ll need to give us four working days to do the final check-up (don’t ask us to do it the day before your deadline!).


Things to remember:

  1. You’ll need to make sure your educational institution allows you to employ editorial services before you come to us. 
  2. Give us sufficient time to do the work – the chances are that you’ll be on a short waiting list, so get in touch sooner rather than later so we can schedule you in. 
  3. It makes it a lot easier if you can point us to your educational institution’s house style guidelines. 
  4. We will ask for payment before each stage of the work.
  5. We can’t write or re-write academic documents, although we can edit any copy that’s confusing or unclear, to make it read better.
  6. We can’t check facts for you.
  7. We’re not subject specialists so it’s up to you to carefully check any technical or scientific terms.
  8. We can’t check the accuracy of quotes or page numbers, although we can check that all the references in your text appear in your end bibliography, and correctly format your references and bibliography.
  9. We can’t guarantee you a pass.
  10. We only accept documents in Word. We don’t accept hard copies.
  11. If you're past the health-check stage, do all the work you can on your document before sending it to us. If you send us an early draft, the chances are that we’ll have to add an extra editorial stage, which will cost you more.

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