Our Services

Our Services
DocEditor offers a wide range of therapies for documents of all kinds. From our initial health check to minor and major (and even emergency) surgery, we’ll do all we can to make your writing better.
Our Services
Here’s a brief idea of how we can help your document
Health check
Send us 1000 words and we’ll read them for sense and flow, check for any consistency, punctuation, grammatical or referencing issues, give a realistic indication of further work to be undertaken and recommend some remedies which you can take away and apply.
Minor/major surgery and final examination
We’ll undertake any editing or rewriting that needs to be done in order to make your document better, and perform a thorough proofread to ensure that it gets a clean bill of health.
For businesses and other organisations we also offer two more services:
Creating the house rules.

If your organisation needs house style guidelines to work to, we can write them.

Issuing preventative medicine.

Why not let DocEditor write your document for you?

Emergency services

Our premium-price service can get a document out of danger, fast. Contact doceditor@doceditor.co.uk to find out more.