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Our Services
DocEditor offers a wide range of therapies for documents of all kinds. From our initial health check to minor and major (and even emergency) surgery, we’ll do all we can to make your writing better.

There are three main ways we can make your organisation’s writing better:

1. By producing it ourselves (copywriting services).
2. By performing a health check and surgery on individual documents (checking, copy-editing and proofreading).
3. By examining your overall style and tone and issuing a detailed prescription (house style and tone of voice guidelines).

1. Copywriting services

Corporate brochures, information directories, annual reviews, web copy, key messages, case studies, ads, posters – we’ve love them all. Copywriting is charged at £225/day with the number of days it will take agreed with you beforehand, to avoid surprises. We also have a number of colleagues who offer copywriting services, with their own terms and fees. 

2. Checking, copy-editing and proofreading

Free health check

Sometimes you just want to run something by an expert to get their view. We call this a health check. Send us 1000 words and we'll:

• read them for tone of voice and logical flow
• check for problems with punctuation and grammar
• check the style of any references
• look at formatting and spacing
• check how you’re using abbreviations
• identify any consistency issues (e.g. in style, punctuation, hyphenation or spelling).

After we’ve performed your health check we’ll issue you with a prescription of things to address to make your document better. Please note that this isn’t a proofread – it’s just a diagnosis, with a recommendation of the remedies you’ll need to improve the health of your document. It includes a quote for any extra work you might like us to do for you.

Our health check is completely free of charge.


Once you’ve had a health check you might like us to apply your prescription for you. A light copy-edit and proofread (minor surgery) costs £9/1000 words. We’ll charge £10.50/1000 words if more extensive work is needed.

Our minimum charge for business customers is £50.

3. House style guidelines

Are you an organisation or an organization? Do You Use Title Case for Headings? Or do you use sentence case instead? Do you use bold or underlining for emphasis? If you know the answer to these questions, that’s a great start – but you’ve got to make sure that everyone else in your organisation does too. Consistency in document writing and presentation (no matter how small and seemingly insignificant the document) is an essential part of your brand. That’s why house style guidelines are so important. 

We can look at the type of organisation you are, the audiences you have and the documents you write, and produce a set of house style guidelines for you. These will include everything from everyday points of punctuation and grammar to the stuff that’s individual to your organisation, such as how you refer to yourself and your products, members or audiences. We’ll also suggest the sort of language that should and shouldn’t be used by your organisation to ensure that your tone of voice is correct and consistent.

House style work is charged at £225/day, with the number of days you’ll need agreed in advance. We may suggest that you get a house style document designed professionally by one of our colleagues  if you'd like to get this done, there will be an extra charge. But we'll explain all this at the time.