Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I know how much work will be needed on my document?

Our health check’s not a bad place to start. At the end you get a diagnosis of your document’s main symptoms, a prescription (so you can go away and remedy them yourself if you like), and a quote for further work from us (if you can’t face nursing your writing back to health yourself). 

How long might it take you to do my work?

We may be able to do your work in the next few days, so do ask, but as a rule of thumb:

• For copywriting work we ask that you get in touch a couple of weeks before your deadline, if possible. 

• For copy-editing/proofreading a business or academic document of up to 25,000 words we could need 10 working days

• Academic theses and books are a very different class of patient and we’ll need at least 18 working days to get these thoroughly looked at.

• We should be able to fit in a health check for you within four working days, but that does depend on how busy we are.

What if I have an absolute and complete emergency?

Firstly, don’t panic or your document might suffer. Take some deep breaths and get in touch with us. We would have to apply emergency rates to any work that needs to be wheeled straight in to the front of the queue but we might well be able to help out, at least partially. Don’t suffer in silence – pop us an email on!

How do I pay for your services?

We'll send you an invoice after the work is done. If you're a student, we might ask for payment before the work is undertaken. It's just to do with the fact that it's much easier to find and chase up businesses and academic professionals in the unlikely case of non-payment.

Payment can be by BACS transfer into our bank account or by cheque.

How does the DocEditor team work?

The DocEditor (Cathy) is in charge of any writing and copy-editing and will do the majority of it. She is sometimes helped by able assistants Helen and Gill in researching for copywriting projects, or checking references or ensuring consistency throughout a book or thesis. The DocEditor then checks everything before you get your document back. We find that this system allows us to get through more work. It also helps to have more than one pair of eyes on a document because of 'blind spots', an odd symptom that can befall the best of us, no matter how well qualified.

We’ll recommend professionals from our wider practice if we don’t think we can take your work on for time reasons or if you ask about anything we can’t provide, like design or detailed SEO advice.

How do I get in touch with the DocEditor?