MasterChef and me

MasterChef and me

After my day’s work is done, and only if I don’t have any document emergencies to attend to, I like nothing more than relaxing in front of an episode of MasterChef − celebrity, professional or regular, I don’t mind which. But, whichever type of MasterChef I’m enjoying, there is a little something that, although I try my best to suspend my DocEditor brain, always irks me.

“Your task is to cook a two-course meal for John and I.” (Or “... Marcus/Monica and I” if it’s Professional MasterChef.)

Well. Gregg can comfort himself about his error with the knowledge that it is a common one, and springs (I think) from wanting to sound polite – an additional step from “Your task is to cook a two-course meal for me and John.” But you wouldn’t say “Your task is to cook a two-course meal for I,” would you, Gregg? The trick is to take out the reference to the other person and then see whether it sounds right.

“John and I would like you to cook a two-course meal for us” would be fine, as would the sentence that Gregg should have used in the first place: “Your task is to cook a two-course meal for John and me.”

Sadly (as more of an armchair culinarian), I’ll never be stationed at one of those blindingly shiny workstations in front of the MasterChef judges and therefore on the spot to point out their grammatical errors. And, I should imagine, it’s easy to be confident about grammar when you’re sitting in front of the screen. When there’s a camera bearing down on you? Not so much, I shouldn't think.

Whether in a red, black or yellow pan, it's a shallow-fried sea bass for John and me, Gregg (credit Daniele Vannini).